A trip to Naran, Kaghan, and Shogran
July 8, 2020
See the 5 best places of snowfall to travel in Pakistan
January 31, 2021
A trip to Naran, Kaghan, and Shogran
July 8, 2020
See the 5 best places of snowfall to travel in Pakistan
January 31, 2021
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Is it safe to have Tourism in Pakistan?

Car on Road

Before going to brief this blog I’ll like to mention that “Pakistan has been declared as of the best tourist places in 2020”. People are gradually quitting the concept of spending dollars on International trips and shifting to explore the simple but adorable beauty of Pakistan. Beside of some of the dangers that are seen in Pakistan (that are not too intense and to safe yourself from them, precautions would be mention at the end of this blog), Pakistan is entirely a worth seeing place.

If you ever have visited Switzerland, I challenge you would forget the allure it gave you when you visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Let us learn further how well it is safe to travel in Pakistan.

NO of tourists traveling Pakistan yearly

Since 2016, an immense amount of increase has been seen in the counting of travelers that were there in the past years. The government of Pakistan has come up with great plans to expand its tourist sector. They have brought a new scheme on how to make the barren roads more advanced and, clear so that tourists may enjoy their trip. The scheme is clearly implemented and has become the reason of rise of travelers.

So, is there any specific area safe to travel?

Pakistan is all safe! Believe me that I’m not exaggerating but informing you the truth. Even many of the foreign countries are behind Pakistan to give protection to visitors of the world to its areas. People of Pakistan are friendly and loving. They know how be affectionate to others. I traveled Mansehra, Naran, Kaghan in 2018 and I had a wonderful journey there. They show much care to each tourist and consider them their guests. I, and my family was warm-welcomed by the people of Manshera. Some make a noise that Fata, some districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the cities of Peshawar, Quetta, and Nawabshah, the Lowari Pass, and the northern and western areas of Balochistan have some troubles. But this is not the correct picture of Pakistan. The fact is that you are just being misguided. The security situation in Pakistan has been improved, and majority areas are safe now. We want to tell you that in these areas of Pakistan you do not need any security if you decide to visit any beautiful place of the picnic mentioned above points of Pakistan. So feel free to visit here because quite recently, there have been zero attacks in most of these areas.

Here are the most important tips one should follow if they want to have a safe enjoyable trip in Pakistan

I am here with some useful tips to help you out in your journey towards any of the picnic points in Pakistan. Check them out and free yourself from any danger and to have a wonderful journey.

  1. You should be in contact with local media and social media in Pakistan. It will educate to remove all of your concerns and will guide you to move forward with your plans.
  2. Make it your routine to be in touch with local authorities in the area, to whom you are visiting.
  3. Stay away from all kinds of politics. Do not show interest in the local political situation of Pakistan. (This instruction is typically for some rural areas of KPK, Sindh, etc
  4. Do not try to talk about Pakistan and Israel.
  5. Always be regardful of local customs and traditions of this country.
  6. Do not keep parts of your body naked in Pakistan. Try to be fully covered with your dress.
  7. Do not go in crowds ever. This is not safe to get in the more prominent groups in any new country.
  8. Do not try to be gay in this country. Just become a reasonable person in Pakistan. Gays do not like in this country.
  9. Try to know about the NOC. You will have to get this certificate if you decide to go to areas that are controlled by the army.
  10. Never try to have drugs in your possessions. Otherwise, you will invite trouble for you.
  11. Always try to act like a cool-headed person. Do not be a violent person in any situation.
  12. Try to have some excellent security belt with you to serve the purpose of keeping your money safe in every kind of situation.
  13. Make it your habit to use Google maps. It will help you out if you have some difficulty to go somewhere or to return from your picnic point to the hotel, where you stay.
  14. Do not be too friendly with local people. It is not good to act beyond your certain limits.
  15. If you hire some taxi, do not try to be seated in the front seat rather sit on the back straight right to driver.
  16. Try to get all emergency phone numbers to handle any situation created by emergency-like circumstances.
  17. If children are with you, do not allow them to remain in the sun for a long time.
  18. Fruits are much delicious and provide quick energy but using them before wash is dangerous. You should wash them properly before you eat them.
  19. Do not purchase food from people who do not cover their food items.
  20. Always drink sealed products like water when you are in Pakistan. You can find Nestle products of water easily. And if you do not get Nestle water, you should go to drink water which is boiled by yourself.
  21. Uber is safe in this country also. Just use the method, you are used to, to get a drive-by this company.
  22. If you get a chance to drive yourself in Pakistan, always be mindful of your limitations. Be careful in all areas while driving a car or other vehicle. After reading all facts i think now you have find answer that Pakistan is safe for tourism.