Murree and Galyat

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Murree Tours 2021, with best Murree tour packages

Without a doubt, Murree Visits 2021 are the most popular tour destination. Murree called Queen of mountains” is situated in the Galyat area and inside the Rawalpindi Locale of Punjab, Pakistan. With an elevation of 2,291 meters, Murree is about 30KM from Islamabad Capital city. The public roadway and motorway expansion for Murree have made the excursion from Islamabad to Murree, smooth and agreeable. Plan tour of Murree with ghoomo Phiroo with customize your tour.

Most visited Points in Murree Tours 2021

Pakistan as a whole is a worth-seeing country. You will surely love each part of it. The people here are friendly and more welcoming towards tourists. They provide a warm welcome to travelers. You cannot feel your journey bore while traveling here.

Murree is best  point of tour.  while crossing the main city of Pakistan (Islamabad). It is of the most beautiful and gripping point. Travelers are always amused by the tour of Murree. This point gives you the true meaning of beauty. Below is the list of the top 5 places that must be visited.

Mall Road

This place is completely fantastic giving us more than expected. It is both a shopping and enjoyable site. You can get the best variety of shoes, garments, decoration pieces and much more here. It is the most famous marketplace with a huge variety of items in Murree. You can get all the unique items, and antiques of Murree here.

This is a long road with side by side shops and it remains opens till 3 am. All of the people love to walk on this main road of Murree along with enjoying delicious food items and beverages. Summarizing it, this road is full of excellent hotels, shops, ice cream parlors, and all one man wants!

Pindi point in the tourist point of Murree

Walking around 15 minutes comes this beautiful point. This point is famous for the chairlift here. Travelers are highly amused and they love to take a Chairlift ride that takes them down to 1.5 km from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali. While taking the ride chairlift, you can view the wonderful scenes from the top. One can see the amazing view of mountains and for a moment you feel that you are in heaven.

Patraita Gali

This place is also known as the new Murree. The popularity of this site is increasing day by day. The reason behind becoming this place prominent is the new cable car system and great chairlift. This place is lower than the main side of Murree and it comes by crossing mountains. Here you can enjoy the view of small hills and greenery.

Kashmir point

Here comes this place that is full of charm. This is nearer to GPO and comes with a fifteen minutes’ walk that will lead to the Kashmir Point. This point also gives you a subtle and exciting view and you can release all your anxiety here. The specialty of this place is Kashmir Mountains and it offers a pleasant climate that is always captivating for the tourists.

Nathia Gali

This is a street in Murree that is about 35 kilometers from Murree and Abbottabad and is 84000ft high. This place offers amazing views of the snow- packed mountains of Kashmir and Kohistan. When the climate is clear, you can see the mountain of Nanga Parbat.