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Travel to Dubai – The 5 best options for your itinerary

Burj AL Khalifa

If you’ve never been to Dubai before, you’ll probably get a culture shock upon arrival. It’s much warmer, the buildings are huge and there’s something to see everywhere. To help you plan a structured vacation despite the sensory overload, here are the top 5 ways to make your trip to Dubai memorable.

A visit to Alserkal Avenue

Something for all vintage lovers and art enthusiasts at the very beginning. Alserkal Avenue is a four and a half hectare area, which has been transformed into an art and popular vacation destination. Here, in addition to a remarkable 14 galleries, you will even find a small theater and a store specializing in the sale of retro furniture. After touring the galleries, you can enjoy organic cappuccinos made from paper cups in cozy lounges with colorful beanbags. In contrast to the rest of Dubai, it’s more retro here rather than modern. Just the thing for a day’s break from the pulsating metropolis.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera is still quite new and is located not far from the mall. Thanks to the bright decorations and the way the opera is built, it can be seen from far away. Of course, only great opera artists come to this grand opera. Famous performances are brought to Dubai from London, Sydney, New York and all over the world and enchant with classics such as the play “Les Miserables”. In addition, you get a wonderful view of the Dubai skyline from the opera.

Entertainment in Dubai City Walk

Shopping fans take note. Dubai has built another entertainment complex next to the huge mall. Here you can stroll between countless stores. The many restaurants and bars satisfy hunger and thirst and who likes, can also take a hotel for the night, which is located in the middle of Dubai City Walk. Family vacationers are also catered for here. The kids can have a wonderful time at the Hub Zero play center.

Party at the Cavalli Club

If you want to go out exclusively for a night, Cavalli Club is the place to be. Indeed, the fashion designer Cavalli does not focus exclusively on clothes, but has also opened a few discos. The large discotheque is already represented in Ibiza, Miami, Milan and Dubai. The choice of clothing here, by the way, may be a bit fancier, after all, it is a designer club. If you keep this in mind, you can look forward to a night full of international DJs, delicious food and, of course, high fashion.

For women traveling alone, it is always recommended to come with a male companion. That way you simply avoid being approached against your will. Do not forget to make a reservation!

Travel Dubai – discover the desert

The desert around Dubai is one of the most characteristic things about the city, after all, Dubai was literally born from it. A trip to the desert is easiest as part of a guided desert tour. It looks especially beautiful towards late afternoon. Here you can marvel at the colorful sunset in all its glory as well as spend an unforgettable evening under Dubai’s clear starry sky.

If you like a little more action, you can also opt for the famous desert safari. You will be picked up from the hotel and driven through the desert in a jeep. Even though it can get bumpy (or maybe because of that) you should definitely not miss this exciting experience. Camel rides, tasting Arabic coffee or smoking a hookah are included in the price.