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Dubai Package Tours Cheap Booking, Experiences for Women

Aerial View of United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a very special, unique city in the United Arab Emirates. The country, which is known for its luxury, but also its imposing skyscrapers have made this country moreover what it is today. Dubai is home to the largest, most beautiful and best hotels in the world. A visit to Dubai is always an unforgettable experience. The beach and the sea offer unique impressions and the Arabic restaurants entice with their delicacies. The prosperity of Dubai can be seen at every corner. It seems as if the money is lying on the street. Book cheap tours package and spend wonderful days in the land of 1001 nights.

Life in Dubai is a colorful hustle and bustle. The view over the sea makes dreams come true and the nightlife can’t be compared to anything else. People often talk about the fact that women should not travel alone in Dubai. This prejudice is outdated. In Dubai, assaults can occur just as they might in Germany or any other country. It should be remembered that Dubai is a Muslim city and there are different laws here than in Europe.

Dubai travel cheap – beautiful hotel resorts

If you want to book a hotel in Dubai, the choice is very large. Numerous hotels are offered to you, here it depends probably rather on your preferences and the purse. Especially popular in Dubai are the Jumeirah hotel chains. These may tell you something, because you can also find such hotels in Europe. Here you can expect beautiful hotel complexes. Each of these buildings is unique and luxuriously equipped. The facilities, which are located right on the beach, have their own sandy beach. The Jumeirah beaches are among the most beautiful in Dubai. Some of them are open to the public, but sometimes non-guests have to pay a fee to use them.

The food in Dubai is also particularly good. You must definitely try a typical Arabic meal on your trip. Dubai travel favorable will please you. The food is very varied. No matter how you want to dine, international dishes are offered everywhere. In the hotels, the cooking is more European, as the dishes are adapted to the stomach of Europeans. Maybe a typical Arabic dessert is offered or a flatbread. However, if you want to try one of the typical delicacies in Dubai, you have to visit a snack bar. Restaurants in the city also offer such delights. 

A highlight for women – Dubai travel favorable

Dubai offers numerous excursion possibilities, but especially women love to go shopping or spend a day at the beach. We show you where you can spend the most beautiful hours as a woman. Our tips will inspire you.

Our tip 1 – Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s largest skyscraper is a highlight for every vacationer. Take the fastest elevator in the world to the top observation deck and be swept away by the sight. It is recommended that you visit the Burj Khalifa in the evening, when it is already getting dark or in the early morning hours. The lights that spread over Dubai at this time are unique.

Our tip 2 – Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world, here every woman’s heart beats faster. You will find it in the new district Downtown. With this shopping center, the Emirates have set a landmark. Whatever your heart desires you will find in this mall. You should take some time for an extensive shopping spree in this shopping mall.

Our tip 3 – Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Be enchanted by the underwater tunnels. Huge tanks with rays and sharks await its visitors. A crawling animal area, which features snakes, is also an incredible experience. This aquarium first opened its doors in 2008. Every year hundreds, if not thousands of vacationers find themselves here. An experience which will impress you.

Our tip 4 – Jumeirah Beach

The hotel’s own beach section of Jumeirah Beach, you should not miss your tour of Dubai. This beach is one of the most beautiful in Dubai. Crystal clear water, fine sand, and vastness inspire numerous vacationers again and again. If you want to enter this beach and you are not a guest of the Jumeirah Hotel, you have to pay an entrance fee. You should definitely invest this money because it is worth it.

Our tip 5 – City tour

Dubai package tours cheap are very popular, precisely because you get to see all the buildings worth seeing. To explore Dubai on your own can be very exhausting. You will not even get to see many attractive buildings. A city tour is always accompanied by an English or German speaking tour guide. You will be introduced to the individual buildings and of course you will have the opportunity to visit one or the other building. Such a city tour is recommended right at the beginning of your stay.