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5 outdoor activities that you can enjoy on your vacation at a low price

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In order to find the so much longed for relaxation in one’s well-deserved annual vacation, one by no means always needs a package tour or the all-inclusive offer. Because sometimes outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling are much better suited to leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Of course, these activities should also be affordable. In this article we will try to give you some suggestions for outdoor vacation activities.

1. Hiking

In order to go hiking for your cheap vacation, you don’t have to go far away at all. Germany, with its challenging hiking trails, crystal-clear bathing lakes and plenty of unspoiled nature, is ideal for clearing your head during a hiking vacation. And that doesn’t just mean hiking with a stick, backpack and hiking boots. The Mecklenburg Lake District or the Spreewald are also ideal for water hiking with canoes or paddle boats.

2. Cycling

In a way, bicycle tours are also a form of hiking. And Germany, with its many and well-developed cycling trails, is virtually a paradise for vacationing two-wheelers compared to other countries. And there’s something for everyone, whether it’s relaxed touring on specially developed cycle paths or mountain biking in the wilds of nature. What could be better than getting to know the country and its people from the saddle of your two-wheeler?

3. Skiing

Many people prefer to relax in the classic summer vacation with beach, palm tree and long drink. And then there are said to be people who only really blossom in winter. Steep slopes down, romping in the snow and then apres ski with Jagatee sounds like music to their ears. Of course, the classic destinations for winter vacations are still to be found in the Alpine region. Who has however the costs in the view, can orient themselves also toward high or low Tatra in the Czech republic and/or Slovakia or dare themselves once completely far into the distance. Even in the Caucasus or the Urals, you can find inexpensive winter sports destinations of a higher standard.

4. Diving

If you want to dive with a snorkel and goggles, you should rather go to far away places, because in the local waters the visibility is rather poor. On Bali, in Thailand or on the Maldives one becomes there already rather fündig. Crystal clear water, pastel colored coral reefs and exotic fish species invite you to dive. And if you research your diving vacation carefully and compare prices long enough, you will find it affordable.

5. Camping

What all the outdoor activities mentioned so far have in common is that you can go back to your warm cozy bed at night – unless you combine hiking or biking with overnight stays in a tent.

A real full-scale camping vacation, however, has its own appeal. From morning toiletries to food preparation to sleeping on an air mattress, camping vacations take you back to basics, so to speak.